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the person behind the sessions


I’ve always had a camera in my hand. At all times, I want to capture the moment and be able to create something that can hold everything still - setting the mood, feelings, and energies that are present. I started taking photography on a more serious level when I reached the fifth grade. I then continue to dabble taking nature shots as I would walk around parks, nature trails, and go on family vacations. As I reached middle school I started to fiddle with website design and creative writing. Once high school came around, I had the realization that having a creative outlet was necessary for me to express myself and to maintain my sanity. Not long after, I started learning how to play instruments, taking film courses, and theater tech. My engagement in these activities of creating, being behind the scenes, or witnessing the conjunction of all elements and how it brings people together - reveled a sense of liberation and a special high of happiness. This is something I was sure of and want to continue to be apart of for as long as I can. The branding of Sessions with Ariel started in 2020 and I am super optimist of the growth it holds.

Outside the Sessions

Golden Chakra

Outside of my dabbling in photography/videography, I’m big on community youth development. I dedicate a portion of my free time volunteering, mentoring, and teaching children who also experienced layers of trauma before they’ve even reached their adolescent years. Outside of that, I work as a Preschool Photographer. I thoroughly enjoy what I do, helping children cope, and teaching mindfulness techniques to apply to their daily lives. 


The techniques shared with the youth instill hope; leaving them to strive for better outcomes no matter their circumstances. I am a strong believer in the importance of teaching positive habits such as mindfulness in both groups and personal settings. Furthermore, I love the idea of being a part of helping children see their potential in which raises their confidence. Understanding that children who realize their talents, strengths, and personalities ultimately mold our future. That is something that I didn't have nor was aware of until I gained the confidence I needed to confide in myself that what I have needs to be shared and filled with the utmost love. 


I’m also a big advocate for mental health. For the past eight years or so, I've been self-teaching along with sharing with others the many ways on the development of the body, mind and spirit together with taking things day by day. Heavily playing a role in my life, I’ve learned there is strength in vulnerability. I’m entering my fourth year being apart of the AFSP ( American Foundation for Suicide Prevention ) to raise awareness on the many ways we, as people, can better the odds and end the stigma of national suicide.

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Impassioned with the hopes of a better altruistic society and my endless creativity, I believe that I will have a great story to tell/show the world. The ultimate passion project would be combining my two worlds of being involved within the community and my creativity.


The Power behind the Sessions

Heart & Hands

Impassioned with film and movies growing up, I fell in love with the creative process. This art form brings people together to spread awareness, perspectives, and inspiration in shared spaces - and I believe that it is one of the most powerful and beautiful tools one can hold.

Along with this journey into adulthood, I’ve become heavily involved within child psychology and the youth community. Over the years I have worked in family programming, party planning, community service, and now social work.

I love what I do around photography and am fulfilled with the work that I do instilling hope and strength for the future generations to hold.

The biggest achievement out of my photography is to be able to allow the work that I do to fund independent projects. I aim to film documentaries within the youth communities about developmental growth, systemic problems, cultural issues, and mental health.

I have been working out with a summer program for the youth community that suffers from domestic violence and sexual abuse since 2019.


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