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Welcome to my portrait page! As a photographer, you're told to have a niche and to stick to one. I see myself as more than a photographer; I call myself a creator. I've made it my daily mission to create something - anything. Everything I create has a deeper connection to me. Whether I am creating a fresh meal from my personal herb garden, making vegan deluxe soaps, scrubs, and candles for a relaxing bath, or throwing recordings together for good tunes to play around my home - I am apart of the creation process. Making that a part of my lifestyle, I do photography to create in a collaborative manner and form meaningful bonds. With these connections, portrait photography allows me to put all of my efforts into the details creating a clear vision, and telling a beautiful story. Picking one niche as a photographer may not be a strong suit of mine but this by far is my favorite form when working with others. I hope you enjoy these great pieces of art half as much as I enjoyed being a part of its creation.

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